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Gator-Paint-&-Decorating_23042014_Hero Power washing Painting equipment Painting equipment

The type of equipment you choose to use for your painting projects surely makes a very large difference. Come in today and let us help you find the tools that make a difference.


The equipment matters

Using expert equipment

We offer you superior quality paint service so that your interior and exterior paint jobs will look their best for many years to come. You're going to love the results.


Painting your world

Experience quality care

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Gator Paint has been serving Gainesville and the surrounding area since 1983. Combining painting experience with paint knowledge, our staff will guide you through any paint project - big or small. We are proud to sell quality paint at an affordable price and are committed to giving you the BEST customer service in the industry!

Welcome to Gator Paint & Decorating!

If you choose to start painting without doing any of the prep work, you're going to regret it later. Help your paint to look its best and last longer when you power wash prior to starting.

Power washing works

Prep work really matters

Paint is all we do